Is having a Convertible bag a solution for those with back pain?

Have you ever heard of heavy purse syndrome? Or have you ever had back, kidney, or knee pain without understanding what caused it?

According to health experts, carrying a bag that is too heavy on one shoulder or having a bag that does not fit your needs can have serious long-term consequences on your musculoskeletal health.

A consensus of experts on the subject!

Health experts agree that you should carry a light belt bag or a small light bag at all times! So can you imagine your life without your bag and what you carry in it every day? Don't we all have to carry our daily essentials, our laptop for the office or our little one's diapers?

So if you think or suffer from one of these ailments or want to avoid it, is there a viable solution to this problem?

In my opinion, there are only two possible solutions.

1. Lighten your bag as much as possible, which invariably forces you to leave out many of the things you carry around every day if you can do it!

2. Or opt for a convertible bag.

A convertible bag will allow you to transform your bag according to its content, its weight, and your needs, allowing you maximum adaptability while keeping the essential items for your daily life.

The Converta bag, the ideal bag to avoid or stay away from musculoskeletal problems.

The Converta bag converts into 4 different positions, backpack, crossbody bag, shoulder bag with handles or with the shoulder strap. In addition, the Converta bag is made of canvas, a sturdy and super-light material compared to conventional heavy leather bags. Its 8 interior pockets on all its perimeter allow a good distribution of its contents and weight, avoiding displacements that can cause discomfort during its transport.

A convertible bag is, in my opinion, the most realistic option for women who can't afford to carry particular objects that are essential to their work or everyday life. But of course, keeping the bag to a reasonable weight will always be a significant factor to consider.