A bag with lots of pockets.

Some women don't see the need for it, while others see it as an essential factor in selecting a bag. Since style is not the only factor in choosing your next handbag, the second factor is often its practicality, including the number of pockets relating to your needs.

A bag with a well-thought-out and optimized storage space is typically used longer than conventional bags with no more than two or three storage pockets. The reason is simple: this bag is only bought for the style, and this style is outdated now, as its storage does not allow much more. Another factor besides the number of pockets is the variation of the type and design of pockets that a bag has available for more efficient and optimized storage. No matter how big or small, it should always be easy to find what you are looking for inside. If this is not the case, you lack organization or because your bag lacks organization!

Another point rarely emphasized in optimizing its storage, in general, is the color of the lining. Many famous designers use dark interior lining colors such as black and dark grey. These designers are primarily concerned with aesthetics and not practicality, which would require a flashlight to find what is hidden inside.

The Converta bag has a large interior compartment with eight separate pockets of different sizes and two large exterior pockets with zippers almost the entire width of the bag. It has two bottle holders on each side. All of these details make it a bag that is more than versatile. In addition, the lining comes in two colors that offer ideal visibility in your bag.

Suppose you are among those looking to get organized, or you're deciding to do away with bags where you never can find anything. The Converta bag is a good starting point!